Lenr and Cold fusion Energy in the Uk

LENR is the acronym of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, also universally known as Cold Fusion. There is also another less common acronym – CANR – which means Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions and describes the same “low energy nuclear” phenomenon. Back to history, cold fusion was discovered by Professors Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, and was offically announced for the first time in the spring of 1989 (March).

Today LENR and Cold fusion, after the e-Cat invention of Andrea Rossi, face the dogmas of science, political conservatism and obscurantism energy interests in place. If one refers to the ancient history of science and the recent cold fusion demonstration by Pons and Fleischmann (in 1989) , we see that we should not miss of tackling the certainties and defend the violent attacks from all sides. Cold fusion has already severely suffered the consequences of being called an “imposture” by media.

Despite some skepticism,  Andrea Rossi and others are now fighting against the dogma of a majority of scientists and politicians, media and major energy interests. The battle has just begun and recognition in the public will take some time. However today many people in the Uk starts to be convinced of the validity of the concept of cold fusion and Lenr and its potentials. Also governements and institutions of the United Kingdom are becoming aware that there is a new “energy game” in progress, probably much more effective than the previous, non replicable, “Pons and Fleischmann” experiment.

Recently in England, since the recent advances of Andrea Rossi’s  E-cat invention, this petion was made to the English Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, to have the LENR – Energy Catalyzer invention – noticed by the Uk government. More information and news regarding the advance of low energy nuclear reaction discovery and the Uk marketg will be soon available on this website.